Ready for A Project? Ready for a Connection?

A Picture created during the Journey North Whooping Crane Project

A Picture created during the Journey North Whooping Crane Project

Real-time learning is all about having students make connections.  Once these connections are made – they cement learning in place.  On-line projects help students make the connections to the real world.  I am so pleased that many of the classrooms at BWF are starting to try and make connections.  A classroom just finished following the whooping cranes migrate on Journey North.  The cranes flew over Alabama so the students were able to make some real connections.  Franklin County, Alabama became very familiar with the students as not just a place in the Alabama History book but as a place the whooping cranes ended up for a very long time.  I don’t think these students are ever going to forget about this study.  

Last year two classes at BWF  followed the Mystery Class project (again a Journey North project).  What a great surprise for all of us when it turned out that one of the mystery classes was my niece’s class in Homer, Alaska.  That really emphasized how connected the world is!  We were able to Skype with her and find out some differences between Alaska and Alabama.  This is a fabulous project and I encourage anyone and everyone to take it on!

I have found some great projects that are starting soon.   Why don’t you check these out and join in: 

Groundhog Day Project – Chart the weather for February and compare with classes all over the US and Canada.

Mystery Class – Journey North’s project charting sunrise and sunset data to help locate mystery places.

Everyone Counts – a Jenuine Tech project about the 2010 Cenus

Life ‘Round Here – a digital storytelling project


Here’s a website I used to teach this idea of Collaborative, Global Projects this summer at our technology conference.