The Best Staff Development – The Bathroom Door

Bathroom Door
You know I am really getting desperate! I have resorted to writing on the bathroom wall. Well not literally, I promise. (My head custodian would have me scrubbing the walls!) One of my colleagues (thanks Paula!)  gave me the best idea for staff development. She takes screen shots, examples and write-ups of various software packages and websites and post them on the bathroom door. It’s better than email! You have a captive audience that can’t delete your email, not come to the 101 workshops you offer, or throw away a handout. I decided to try it out. Friday afternoon I snuck into the bathroom, posted information and project ideas about Kidspiration, a fabulous graphing program. Our Kindergarten and first grade use the program alot but I wanted to show the other grade levels some of it’s benefits. Wow! It’s only Tuesday and I have had 4 teachers express interest in the program already. I think my bathroom door staff training has been a success so far.

It’s been a busy time! The “Beyond Powerpoint” Projects have been a roaring success. It has really energized me to be able to work with teachers who are so motivated. My first grade has started their Story Retelling Project with a bang. Who said first graders can’t do Photostory?   They had so much time left over after working on the retelling project that I was able to share wikis with them. They each created their own Weather wiki. Check out the links below.

Google Notebook – 1st Grade Project Ideas

Photostory Retelling Example:

Boozer –
Parker –
Ponder –
Sullivan –